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HOME > Tink's Disposable Scent Dripper Pre-Rut Finisher

Tink's Disposable Scent Dripper Pre-Rut Finisher

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Product Description

Easy to transport with mess-free handling, the NEW Tink's® Disposable Scent Dripper comes pre-loaded with Tink's Power Scrape Pre-Rut Finisher. The disposable dripper is designed to consistently drip for up to three days. After three days, easily replace with another Pre-Rut Finisher Scent Finisher. Works great with both natural and mock scrapes, making those big bucks think multiple bucks are in their area.

  • WHY USE: Tink's Power Scrape Mock Scrap Finisher is a blend of our original Power Scrape formula enhanced with buck urine and our Tink's #69 Doe-in-Rut estrous to keep bucks in the area and make scrape visits during daylight hours 
  • WHEN TO USE: Use Tink's Power Scrape Mock Scarpe Finisher is designed to finish off primary scrapes just before the rut in your area. 
  • HOW TO USE: Apply scent over mock or natural scrapes around your hunting location. Hang dripper in desired location. Please do not squeeze the bag once the lid is removed to avoid displacement of the slow drip device.
  • DRIP RATE: East set up; Lasts up to 3 days. 
  • RT-QuIC tested for CWD