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HOME > Redneck BBQ Lab Competition Winning Rubs & Sawse Gift Box

Redneck BBQ Lab Competition Winning Rubs & Sawse Gift Box

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Product Description
  • 1 Competition Pint: This is the mother sawse. It is the basis of everything we do in BBQ. It’s a sweet sauce that is not thick. It can be applied before, during or after the cook. It’s highly addictive but don’t take our word for it!
  • 1 Grand Champion Pint: This sawse was developed specifically for brisket and burnt end turn ins for KCBS BBQ competitions. It was developed to pack a flavorful punch to those judges in hopes that this last bite of BBQ they ate equated to us receiving a Grand Championship. And, more importantly, these Judges wishing for just one more bite of that tasty BBQ they had just eaten but could possibly never eat again. Smokey with a little peppery background, it’s Redneck BBQ's go to sawse when results matter!
  • 1 Homestyle Pint: This is a take on a traditional North Carolina BBQ Sauce. It is a mixture of apple cider vinegar, salt, brown sugar water and a variety of peppers that make it a sweet spicy mouth puckering punch to the senses when applied to pulled pork or used as a dip for boiled shrimp! It’s not Eastern or Western NC. It’s the best of all of our state!
  • 1 All Purpose Rub 5.67oz.: The basis of Redneck BBQ starts with this balanced rub. It is an all-purpose seasoning for any protein, vegetable and even popcorn. It is salty, sweet, little smokey rub which hits you with just a little heat on the backside for opening up your senses for a perfect bite of BBQ.
  • 1 Chicken and Rib Rub 5.67oz.: This chicken and rib rub was developed to, not only add a flavor punch to your senses but also, color your delicate meats like chicken, ribs and seafood quickly to a bright burgundy color that’s screams “BBQ”. Sweeter than the Original rub, but just as powerful in opening your senses, this rub covers all 4 BBQ bases of: Sweet, Heat, Salty & Smokey.